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Thee Vital Brush For Freshman
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Today, I'd like to recommend three brushes that I thought were easy to use and easy to use when I first started, including now.

1⃣️Angle brush , usually its bristles will be more stiff. At first, I only used the eyeliner cream to draw the outer lash line. Later, I gradually found that I used it to draw the eyebrows, no matter it was eyebrow gel or eyebrow powder, the shapes would be more precise and the lines would be cleaner when I drew the outline. And, use it to dip in the bruneiest eye shadow to regard as outside eyeliner is drawn, can let eye makeup look natural have spirit again


2⃣️Eye shadow brush, one of the most important eye shadow brush essential nature. Of course, it has the most variety. At the beginning, I suggested that the new babies could choose a medium size brush with thicker wool and no extra fluffy. In my opinion, medium size brush can not only be used for large areas of color, but also be enough for beginners in details.


3⃣️Smudge brush , my favorite brush. The brush head of dizzy catch brush can compare fleeciness a few, can soft not very good master strength. But when it comes to nose shots, eye shadow color transitions, it's really awesome. So in the beginning, we're going to have a little bit of a dip, a little bit of a dip, a little bit of a dip.