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Pony Tells You How To Use Different Makeup Brushes
- Dec 12, 2018 -

Foundation brush

How to choose : because foundation is liquid, need a brush that can let powdery bottom even wipe, natural wool brush can let powdery bottom do not take stick to not even, want to choose a man-made wool so, one yuan coin or so about size can ~

Features: soft, compact and dense



Concealer brush

How to choose: choose a flat brush, index finger or nail size, because concealer products are also liquid, so, also buy artificial hair ~


Features: fine, flat, very tight and elastic



Powder brush

How to choose : choose natural wool brush, recommend the brush of round head mutiple layer, can catch pink adequately so ~


Characteristics: soft, solid, strong powder



Eyebrow brush 

How to choose : choose the brush of bevel Angle, fingernail cover half size


Characteristic: have certain slope, can go up along eyebrow direction coloring


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