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Ebon's Cross-border E-commerce Subsidiary LEAN - Made In China Benefit The World
- May 02, 2018 -

Wilson Niu, Chairman of Ebon Holding Group Co., Ltd.,Sunny Duan , general manager of LEAN cross-border e-commerce, and Leo Liu ,director of the president’s office, visited Wang Xiaohu’s delegation and conducted business exchanges with the delegation on the cooperation in the commercial field. LEAN Duan Jingbin, general manager of cross-border e-commerce, and Ding Jie, president of the company, attended the meeting.


During the meeting, Wilson Niu, chairman of Ebon Holding Group, introduced the development history and future strategy of Ebon Holding Group for the delegation.

Currently, Ebon relies on strong lean supply chain operation advantages to actively develop business depth, and builds around the health industry real estate, integrated supply chain finance, supply chain management consulting, logistics technology and equipment, and cross-border e-commerce and trade. An organic collaborative ecosystem of the supply chain with the development of related diversified businesses.


In the exchange, Ebon disclosed that the main business of the “Lean” cross-border e-commerce brand under the Ebon Holding Group covers import and export e-commerce, overseas warehousing, cross-border logistics and cross-border supply chain. Continue to optimize products and services in the course of business development and lead the development of the industry so that Chinese manufacturing can benefit global consumers. At the same time, through acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions, we have expanded our cross-border logistics and overseas warehousing operations and formed a closed-loop relationship with the Group's lean supply chain, and truly delivered cargo globally. Among them, the high-quality agricultural and sideline products locally produced in Weinan City are highly compatible with LEAN's development concept and business model. The two parties will pool their respective advantageous resources and will certainly open up a brand new road for cross-border e-commerce.


For the development history and business strategy planning of Ebon Holding Group, Wang Xiaohu, director of the Forestry Bureau of Weinan City highly appreciated it. Later, he introduced to Ebon the outstanding advantages of local tourism, agricultural and sideline products, etc., and Guo Songjun, the county governor of Weinan City, performed the specialty products of Liangdang County - fungus, honey, walnuts, etc. Detailed introduction. During the exchange, the delegation stated that it is very optimistic about the prospects for both sides to develop friendly and sustainable business cooperation in the field of health, especially in promoting local agricultural and sideline products and Yibang cross-border e-commerce and trade business.