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Advantages Of Hot Silicone Puff
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Allegedly, use it to replace other beautiful makeup tool to go up makeup, can let you experience makeup unprecedented suiting degree after all, and do not eat powder, can save a lot of foundation money

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  1. Silicone puff is really too suitable for use in foundation fluid, unlike the beautiful makeup egg, the silica gel puff completely does not eat powder this characteristic, makes foundation fluid can become very use. I did a little test, just to show you how much you don't eat powder and how much you save.

  2. Good cleaning! A silicone puff is ready to be cleaned, washed down with water or soapy water will be very             clean, and finally dry with toilet paper, perfect! Sponges are not easy to clean, are susceptible to mites and bacteria, and cannot be reused.

  3. Good glossiness because silica gel can not absorb the oil of foundation fluid, so the glossiness is very good, do not like the MM of matte light to recommend this kind of puff.