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24 Pcs Your Own Brand Professional Makeup Brush
- Mar 26, 2018 -

Professional brush with pay attention to division of labor, so the thrush has eyebrow brush, painting eye shadow may have eye shadow, eyeliner, eye pleated brush, as well as lip brush, honey paint, and so on, before the big middle and small three brush walk the era of the world has passed. But with so many tools, is it possible to completely replace the traditional makeup tool? Is the powder park, the cotton pad not to abandon? The answer is no. Take the most important step in make-up "foundation" for example, powder puff is still the best equipment to open the foundation, but finally finish the honey powder, and then use big honey to paint the face of the extra paint off, the whole makeup will be more natural, so brush and used to use other tools, should be complementary good helper, Instead of replacing old habits with something new.