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You must have these 5 make-up brush
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Make up must brush 1: Powder Brush

Makeup on the ground can be more even than powder, the skin that shows smooth more easily is qualitative, make the colour of the eye, cheek becomes downy and harmonious.
(1) if you are using mineral powder, be sure to use a special mineral powder paint, dip in with looped the way with the same technique with the massage on the face, can make powder evenly pressed cover on the skin.
The brush wool of professional cosmetics brushes is generally divided into animal hair and synthetic hair. Natural animal hair on the cloth has a complete wool scale, so the wool soft, eat powder saturation degree, can make the color even, and do not stimulate the skin.

Make up must brush 2: lip brush

Do not look down upon lip brush, it can make lip line outline is clear, lipstick color is even, do not appear the crease of lip grain place not easily, and still can assure you to use the lipstick that is embedded in a tube finally.
There are thick and thin lip brush, mainly fiber and animal hair mixed texture, thick and round brush head, easy to apply the lipstick with higher saturation sublight, more easy to reflect the color of lip makeup. Thin brush head is flat, will outline the edge of lip makeup and can make lip color, lip honey and other glossy lip makeup products restore its glossiness, achieve at the same time frivolous.
Parliamentary lip brush should not be applied with too much force when applying lip color, so as not to let the bristles bend too much, so as not to fall off and break off.

Makeup brush 3: foundation brush

Powdery bottom brush is very good invisible tool, law grain, the grain of the mouth of the mouth, pore can all brush disappear. The foundation that USES powdery bottom brush to come out can compare transparent, won't have heavy feeling more.
Brush (1) in the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin area is larger, foundation brush maintain at about 30 degrees with the Angle of the skin, and brush in the nose, eyes, mouth, will brush powdery bottom to stand up, brush head can be smart to take care of these small parts.
The principle of balance control is that the brush exerts zero force on the skin and is completely pressed to the bottom. There is room for both extension and shrinkage, so as to apply thin and uniform bottom makeup.

Make up must brush 4: eye shadow brush

Throw out the small brush that comes with the eyeshadow box, professional eyeshadow brush ability is lasting accurate restore eyeshadow colour.
1) if you want to make deep eye shadow effect, you need to prepare crude in three kinds of eye shadow brush, because different color concentration around the eye, brush with at least three, large with thick, make the shading equilibrium of natural; Use a medium eyeshadow brush for eye wrinkles. Fine brush is used in the eye, lower eyelid.
To disperse the eyeshadow, try brushing on the back of the hand first and apply it directly.

Makeup brush 5: blush brush

The brush is slightly smaller than the honey paint, and the top of the brush is arranged in a semicircle.
The scalloped and pointed circular brush is quite common, and 90% of the blusher brushes on the market are of this type. The bristles are round and pointed, which is the easiest to eat. Suitable for large area coloring.
Parliamentary oblique Angle trapezoidal brush has a sense of lines and can be used to brush out significant blocks. Usually used in areas that require special emphasis, such as the bar, bridge of the nose, or C outside the tail of the eye.