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Using a great foundation makeup brush is really important
- Aug 03, 2018 -

the following are the several kinds of foundation brush

1. Concave Concave means that there is a small groove in the middle for putting foundation liquid, which is suitable for a liquid foundation


2.Toothbrushtoothpaste to brush, makeup soon, more frivolous and let makeup brush design more convenient.


3.Roundhead brush, the length of the hair is uneven and shaggy, compared to the flat head easy to halo open, also very suitable for use in cheek red and shadow.


4.Stippling Brush:Stippling brush is similar to a flat Brush, but the length of the Brush is different, making it lighter and more suitable for babies who prefer a light makeup look


5.Tongue brush:This type of brush is very common, but it's actually the hardest to master. But brush out the concealer is very high, and can be very good smooth dry lines to make the makeup suiting.