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Twelve brushes make your perfect look
- Jul 20, 2018 -

There are a total of 12 make-up brushes, which are perfect for a perfect look.

About the brush:


✏ ️ 01 powder brush

Fine glossy wool! Brush head size moderate, very soft fur very skin-friendly! No need to mention the powder effect. 

✏ ️ 02 blush brush

Love this blush brush, this set of brushes favorite! Every time you get an nars orgasm, your face is super beautiful! It's a powder stick

✏ ️ 03 concealer brush

The repair capacity of pasty powdery form can use it perfect deduce

✏ ️ 04 concealer blush brush

Flat corners can be used to modify the face or blush the cheeks

✏ ️ 05 Highlights brush

This is only the second favorite! With cpb11 color brush out the root of the mountain nose! You don't need hyaluronic acid to have a perfect nose

✏ ️ 06 eye render large brush

Can be used to make eye shadow to hit a bottom, go up pink force one class rod, perfect eye makeup the first step

✏ ️ 07 blending brush

Super good hands, good dyeing ability, not to appear dirty nose shadow

✏ ️ 08 Color shading brush

Also a good friend of the perfect eye makeup

✏ ️ 09 medium eye shadow brush

It can be used as a second eye shadow

✏ ️ 10 blooming brush

This brush takes care of the small details of eye make-up

✏ ️ 11 small eyeshadow brush

You know, that's when I used to be reading the painted silkworm bling bling

✏ ️ 12 pencil eyeshadow brush

Thinner, can be used to draw the eye shadow of eye root commonly

About brush cleaning and maintenance

Clean with special cleaning agent regularly after natural air drying, complete with net cover protection finalize the design