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Top three must-have classic foundation makeup brushes
- Dec 04, 2018 -

1.    angled brush

The advantage of this kind of flathead is to depend on detail to take care of very good, it combined the advantage of brushs and sponge powdery puff, wool qualitative, density and length achieve acme balance, inclined plane design more stick to the face, nose wing, corners of the mouth can be taken care of at a time, use it, the direction that follows pore is brushed, can have very good thin appear makeup feeling

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2.   Flat brush

Easy to use to cry a foundation brush, whether it is liquid, solid, powder cream foundation can be used. Combined with the advantages of painting and sponge powder puff, the wool quality, density and length reach the ultimate balance comparable to makeup artist.

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Very popular on the network of a pink bottom brush, brush hair all use artificial fiber, compared with animal hair is a very environmentally friendly material. This brush is also very thick, very soft, very comfortable on the face, and no brush marks! Soft bristles make your base look more comfortable when applying makeup and are easy to clean on a daily basis.

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