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The Importance Of Washing Makeup Tools
- May 23, 2018 -

The small prop that wants to make up everyday we not little with powdery puff, beautiful makeup egg to wait to help go up makeup.Have them, the base makeup that thin and thin take a post comes naturally, let a person use not after all happy ~

But do you care about its "health problems" with them?According to a new study test, "if you don't wash your powder for five days, you can grow at least 80,000 bacteria."Maybe there's no concept of "80,000 bacteria" yet. Let's make a comparison

"There are still 100,000 bacteria on the inside of a recently flushed toilet," said another study in China.Equal to say, do not wash powder puff for 5 days, the number of bacteria and toilet is about the same...EM......Think about that for yourself

Whatever bacteria, residues on the beauty makeup the egg liquid foundation is apt to deteriorate is exposed to air for a long time, and metamorphic residual powder can be carried in the new foundation, taken together, on the face skin repeatedly by bacteria infection, really is bad because makeup face very likely!And see the beautiful makeup egg of dirty dirty dirty dirty, lost original sense of texture, your desire with it also can be greatly reduced!


In order to avoid breeding bacteria, to prevent the problem of bad face came, do a diligent pig pig girl, diligent cleaning makeup tools!

(beauty makeup, egg and powder cleaning


In fact, the cleaning method is not complex, the most convenient and fast way is to use special hand cleaner with water, rubbing clean.After cleaning, place in the ventilated place to dry.It is best to use a paper towel first to absorb as much water as possible from the powder puff or the eggs, saving time for drying.

If air dry, can buy special air to bask in a treasure to bask in a frame, a few lovely air bask still can be used as decoration.

Method 2:

A not dirty hands method: is going to take the sealing tape, should cooperate with cleaner water pour together, then powder puff, beauty makeup eggs thrown into bag sealing together, through the plastic bag continuously knead until clean and dry.


If you have a microwave at home, try using the power of the microwave to help you clean quickly.

Step1: in a cup that can conduct safe microwave, add water mixed with detergent.

Step2: immerse beauty makeup egg completely in clean water, put into microwave oven to heat 3 minutes together.

Step3: take out the cup, wait for heat dissipation, reoccupy beautiful makeup egg to come out again, with up to now absorb dry moisture to air dry can.


Brush cleaning method

There are many kinds of makeup brushes, but they can be roughly divided into two categories.Another is to touch pink makeup products (such as eye shadow, blusher, powder).For the first type of cosmetic brush, it also needs to be cleaned regularly like a powder puff, at least once a week, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria.To clean a makeup brush, use silicone to wash eggs and detergents.

Step1: follow the direction of water flow, flush brush hair with water vertically, and pay attention to avoid touching the joint between brush hair and brush handle body.

Step2: drop a little cleaner on the silicone washing and brushing egg, then rub the brush back and forth gently on the silicone washing and brushing egg.

Step3: rinse residual cleaner with clear water finally, brush wool to want to follow the direction of current likewise.

Step4: use paper towel to absorb dry water, hang in shady and cool place ventilated dry can.


The second category for dab opaque colour makeup brushes, are relatively easy to breed bacteria, available daily makeup can be directly after will remain opaque in tissues or professional makeup brush on the dry cleaning sponge clean can.However, it takes a long time and requires "deep cleaning", which is consistent with the first type of cosmetic brush.

Note: animal hair brushes are not recommended for frequent deep cleaning, especially expensive cosmetic brushes such as squirrel hair that can reduce the frequency.

Remember ~ make up must be cleaned, otherwise destroy the face do not throw the pan to powder foundation!