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Share the detailed eyeshadow makeup brush usage course
- Jun 25, 2018 -


Y107 Local highlights brush brush, big shading: material is wool, practical a big shading brush, I will be in commonly after drawing the eye shadow in neighboring scan let color looks more natural, put an end to patch the edge problem well. I also use it for highlights, which is a good spot for the upper lip on the chin bridge.

Y108 Nasal shadows, highlights, orbital render brush: the material is wool, wool is qualitative very soft loosely, stop force does not cause too much is not natural makeup look, suitable for dealing with the shadow of the transition between the eyebrows to nose, caution machine is necessary. If be dizzy catch eye socket, can make natural and abstruse euramerican wind, also can use brush gao guang, a multipurpose model!

Y109 Large eye shadow brush brush base: the material is wool, suitable for most light color eye base, may be vertical brush with when dizzy catch, see their habits and methods, this only what I use is not much, in my eyes is not double generally with a number of small, big eyes double-fold eyelid's sister is well suited for use it firstly, result certainly great!

Y110 Medium eyeshadow and flat circular: wool. This is my brush! The grip power is very strong, the tactility is very soft and not tied at all! I use it to brush the bottom of the bottom, smaller than 109, quite suitable for me!

Y111 Eye shadow brush: the material is wool. It's just essential for everyone to wear eye makeup! Is a must! Dab the darker the color of eye shadow on your eyelid after third point spread color shading, and then use a clean shading brush (such as Y107) with the color of the eyelid front-end natural transition, effect is distinct, the transition is also very clean! One of my favorites in the brush! Everybody should have one!

Y112 Concealer: the material is made of artificial fiber. To be honest, I don't usually use this one. It is more suitable for concealer with a larger area at present. My concealer is the brush in the product that USES directly, so this often idle, but do not represent to have no value, still can have a lot of sister to have demand.

Y113 edium smoky eye shadow brush: made of pony hair. This one I think is perfect for a smoky eye! Also be the Gospel of single eyelid and inside double sister, dip take brunet, on eyelash root upper part of emphasize dizzy catch color. This brush is very suitable for those who have make-up experience, after mastering the skill, make up in minutes, the novice should pay attention when using this, easy to draw blind panda eyes.

Y114 Small eye shadow brush, eyebrow bone carry bright brush: the material is wool, is a basic one, who cannot leave, I draw necessary, eye shadow can dizzy catch, a small scale is suitable for me in the eye size, one of my favorite!!!!! Be sure to get in!

Y115 Flat head square lip brush, lipstick brush: The Times that I use lip brush is not much, because want to wash often so troublesome, this still is good, use feeling 80 cent, also can use occasionally!

Y116 Small smoke fumigation brush, under eye tail smudge brush: the material is small horse hair. My love! This is especially true for people with small inner eyes. I usually use it to draw the small triangle area at the end of the eye. This brush has a short head. One of my favorites! Buy buy buy!

Y117 Diagonal eyebrow paint: the material is made of artificial fibers. I don't think this one is very friendly to my eyebrows. I don't know why! Should also not be the problem of eyebrow powder! It's sitting idle

Y118 Concealer brush, eyeliner paste brush, eye lift brightener: artificial fiber material. You must use it for small details. The brush is soft and comfortable. I usually use eyeliner when I apply it. Loved it!

Y101 Powder brush: the material of wool, maomao very fleeciness, stop, Kevin, just bought the clean dry time be careful to use the net to cover, so that will be very fleeciness oh, powder will be more even, will be more comfortable to use! Recommend !!!

Y103 Blush brush: made of wool. A multifunctional brush, actually blush, repair, high light, powder can be used. I will use it to apply the blush, there are too many brushes at home, I don't like to mix it, the general blush brush is the blush brush. Babies use it on their own, no uniform usage