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Makeup brush and powder puff which is better for foundation fluid
- May 31, 2018 -

What does foundation fluid use besmear best

Makeup girls know that cosmetics are important, but tools are also important. Everyone must have considered this question: what is the best color for a foundation? Hand or powder or makeup brush? Which one is better than the other?


I don't know if you've ever heard that the best makeup tool is the hand. Is it really that good? When the girl that make up just begins besmear powdery bottom, use hand commonly? Want beautiful girl to have tried also, besmear with hand very convenient, but, defect still very apparent, it is easy to leave handprint, and besmear hand sticky very uncomfortable!
Advantage: convenient save trouble, return save money!
Disadvantages: easy to leave handprints, uneven application, not good enough.

powder puff

Powder puff should be the most popular powder bottom tool, a variety of different types, how effective? With powdery bottom unlike can leave mark with the hand, besmear rises very even take a post, bottom makeup took a post to cover concealer effect and lasting degree also went up.


Powder puff area is bigger, in the face pat a few times can accomplish bottom makeup, very convenient! Puff will siphon off some of the oil, make the bottom makeup is not so glossy, this not is advantages or disadvantages, because the be fond of of everybody is different, but the biggest drawback is to eat of pink powder, love is the second, the key is not how health!
Advantage: convenient and quick, evenly and evenly applied, good concealer effect and lasting effect!
Weakness: eat powder, unhygienic, need to change frequently.

Powder brush
Foundation brush should be a controversial tool, some people say, some people say not good, we still come to understand it!
Using a foundation brush and a powder puff is completely different! Brush with foundation can brush very frivolous bottom makeup, thin one layer, very clear and transparent, so the concealer effect is not as good as powder puff. Skin is better, do not need too much concealer, the girl that likes frivolous bottom makeup USES brush had better not pass! And, powdery bottom brush won't absorb oily cent, can maintain the water embellish feeling of bottom makeup and burnish feeling! Another advantage of a brush is that it can be applied very carefully to areas such as the nose and around the eyes.


Conclusion: what tools are suitable for you
Do not mind the hands dirty, do not like to wash powder puff, wash brush son, with the hands the most convenient, the most economical! - - - - - hand
Pay attention to concealer and fit, pay attention to convenient and fast, cheap and do not need the skill of powder puff the best use! - - - - - powder puff
Like the bottom makeup light and light and transparent, every corner should be delineated in detail! - - - - - foundation brush