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Identify Foundation Brushes According To Hair Shape
- Jul 11, 2018 -

 For each brush, we need to pay attention to the shape and size of the brush head.
Only the right size can make our work more efficient.

[foundation brush]

Generally speaking, on the foundation can be used brush and wet sponge, oil skin is more suitable for foundation brush, dry skin is more suitable for wet sponge. Because a wet sponge on an oilskin will accelerate the removal of makeup.
So what are our requirements for foundation brushes? Even, take a card, the bottom makeup that hits should be natural, transparent.
The common foundation brush on the market now has: flat head, round head, and the latest toothbrush type foundation brush. This type of wet brush is not recommended or necessary to buy animal hair, mostly artificial fiber wool.

[flat head]

Flat head type makeup brush suits the product that quality of a material is thinner more, for example powdery bottom fluid, because flat shape dips the amount of powder that takes each time won't be too much, although a layer is superimposed, bottom makeup also appears very natural.
But flat head makeup brush may appear one kind of defect is, powdery mark is more apparent, still need sponge to press subsequently.


[round head]

flat head is the favorite brushes, no matter be powdery bottom fluid or powdery bottom frost all can use, make up with the means that dozen ring or poke poke poke, dozen circle can have a kind of polishing effect!
And after finishing makeup also very connect fully, take a card, skilled dozen circle way can save time greatly. It's much less likely to get pink marks than a flat head brush.
The only drawback is that the small details around the nose may not be handled very well.



Feel the powdery bottom of toothbrush model brush fire has not had 3 years, now the limelight gradually calm down.
Type toothbrush foundation brush with a few different hair root is very dense, feels very soft, but after more than you will find very bad because of the dense hair root cause clean, wash again after much use has obvious brush marks. So the toothbrush is not very recommended