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How To Use Blush Brushes
- May 12, 2018 -


Blush brush: brush out the natural curvature of the blush, blooming shading, perfect highlighting facial contours.

● Role

A good blush brush can make blush easily and naturally.

● How to use

Scrub the brush to blush the powder, lightly shake off excess dust and apply makeup. The color is not enough to slowly fill. It can be used as a powder brush or a powder brush.

● Type

The large round brush has excellent smudging effect and is the basis for good blush. Brushing with a flat brush around the cheeks gives a good emphasis on the contour of the blush.


The bristles are the most important part of the brush and can be divided into natural animal hairs and synthetic hairs. The animal hairs are very soft and comfortable to use. The synthetic hairs are harder but more flexible. The brushes with different functions must be selected to select the appropriate bristle material. Blush brushes need to be thick and light, and the choice of animal brushes is most appropriate. The bristles should be large and soft, and they must be well-made.

● Maintenance

When cleaning, it should not be vigorously pulled and soaked for a long time, so as not to shorten the service life of the brush.