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How To Use Eye Shadow Brushes
- May 14, 2018 -



Eyeshadow brush can make eyeliner and eye shadow, eyebrow part of the eye shadow fully integrated, halo brushing color layering. The amount of hair is moderate and it is easy to control the amount of makeup used.

● Type

The bristles of the eye shadow brush are preferably animal hair. Generally divided into pony hair, goat wool and mink hair three kinds, the first two are the most common, the price is moderate; mink hair is the best brush material, soft texture and durable washing, but also the most expensive.

● How to use

There are usually two ways to apply eye shadow: one is slopping, and the other is horizontal blooming.

● Purchase

Should choose to be soft and fluffy, it can easily be stretched when it sweeps across the eyes. Its size should cover one quarter of your eyelids, but at the same time, it will allow you to control and sweep out beautiful and appropriate eye shadows.

● Maintenance

As much as possible, wipe the remaining eyeshadow with a tissue after each use.