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How To Clean Makeup Brushes(Top)
- Apr 26, 2018 -

(1) the brush that just bought must be cleaned

Because most of the brushes are hand-made, there will be a small amount of hair that is not solid, or the fluff that is attached during the trimming process is not removed.

This is what we say floating hair. In addition, for the overall appearance of the brush, many brushes need to be dyed. So MMs must clean after buying the brush.

Note: It must be noted that the overall movement should be gentle and clean along the direction of the hair. General floating hair and floating color will not appear after two or three times

If the hair loss is serious, it is a quality problem.

(2) how to clean:

In addition to washing, loose powder two cleaning methods. Different wool brushes will have different cleaning methods.

There are two main types of brush hair:

Animal hair: Such as loose paint, blush paint, eye shadow paint used with dry powdered cosmetics. 

Do not wash with water, it will destroy hair quality. In daily life, MMs wash the brushes once a mouth with water and washing liquid as we usually use the brushes by ourselves.

Usually if you want to change the color temporarily with the available loose powder scrubbing method, use the same dry powdered loose powder.

Synthetic fiber:  Such as foundation brush, eyeliner brush ,use with liquid and creamy cosmetics,it is easy to deteriorate without washing everyday.


You got it!Next time we will share the ways to clean different brushes in details !