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How to choose BB eggs and RT eggs
- May 25, 2018 -

Kim kardashian visual cosmetic box should be Real Technique as the home of sheet is tasted, but the fire all over Hollywood Beauty Blender is definitely not a vegetarian, today came to detailed analysis of the difference between the two giants BB eggs.

Prices PK

The Beauty Blender Beauty makeup egg can be bought in sephora, the price of a single one is about RMB168


Real Technique has no purchasing channels in China, and the price of overseas online shopping is about rmb60-70


RT eggs win the price

External PK

The whole series of Beauty Blender is in the shape of water drops, with only difference in size. Large size can be used as foundation, sun protection, essence and other single products for skin.And the small can be used for eye cream, lip cream.It can be said that cosmetics, skin care and eating series.

Real Technique in addition to conventional water droplets shape and the design of the opposite sex, small gourd shape RT egg can better take care of the details of the whole face, the plane can be used as a render large area, the head of a small plane can be used as a lip, eye wrinkles on the details of the building.

BB and RT eggs have different shapes and USES.

A lot of people think want powdery bottom fluid to be pressed on colour makeup egg to use directly, such use come down less than a month your powdery bottom should be about empty!

The correct method of use is to colour makeup eggs soaked with water, saturated water or rinse under the tap repeatedly squeezed 10 seconds or so, if you feel too hard, of course, the quality of the water in the home also can choose mineral water for soaking.This is also true for both BB and RT eggs.

Makeup effect PK

Dip in with BeautyBlender eggs take foundation on the right face, you can see the skin gloss instantly ascension, this is not the effect of foundation, but BB egg quality and moisture and fusion results, after the fluid foundation skin gloss fully are immediately visible.

Use the same foundation and Real Technique as eggs make makeup look is mist side effect, block defect effect is more evident but feel a bit dry, no BB eggs make out delicate makeup face water embellish, makeup look also does not have the natural BB eggs.

Makeup effect Beauty Blender wins out

PK summary

Beauty Blender

Features: create a light-sensitive bottom makeup, after the use of the skin seems to have a small light bulb lighting effect, skin moisture touch delicate

Skin type: dry skin mix

Deficiency: due to the light effect will feel slightly sticky

Real Technique

Features: make mist surface makeup effect, feed matt light texture, enough relaxed, strong concealer

Apply to skin: oilskin, mixed with oil

Deficiency: eating powder is more serious, relatively easy to be bad

In summary, there is a difference between Beauty Blender and the Real Technique, and you can refer to the applicable skin if you have concerns about your choice.

Notice also that the beauty makeup egg remember regular cleaning, to choose the professional cleaning products to caress your make-up egg, can prolong the service life of it, clean dry in the shade shade later, don't sun!Change every 3 months!