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Do not continue to use 6 kinds of cosmetics when they break down
- Jun 19, 2018 -


  • Puff

  • Paint and powder puff is one of the most easy to shelter evil people and practices toiletry, so we use air cushion of the BB cream or powder puff are regularly cleaned and when you use the powder puff turned hard, is no longer the original soft feeling, that you of powder puff has lost its elasticity, and can't rebound after cleaning, then you will change new powder puff.


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  • sun cream

  • Last year's sunblock doesn't last until this year? This kind of open cover does not use up bask in prevent bask in had better not to use, because its prevent bask in agent does not have effect basically, besmear equal to did not besmear, that still is inferior to buy a new prevent bask in an effect better.

  • And when using sunblock dosage cannot save, want to cover the skin to daub evenly, a 60ML sunblock can be used up about 3 months, if dosage is not enough also achieved sunblock effect.

  • —3—

  • eye black

  • Generally about half a year, could the mascara after all lump "easy on the makeup is particularly difficult, it is easy to make your eyelashes" fly ", particularly ugly, so you are to tighten after each use, if placed for too long the maximal eyelash to cream is best not to use, from one thousand to the eyes are less safe.


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  • Application mask

  • Although the mask shelf life is long, but if you find your cream mask paste body began to harden, the daub is difficult to expand, push up a little stiff, the mask has been getting old, can also be abandoned, or apply to your face allergic thed loss outweights the gain!

  • —5—

  • Lipstick and lip gloss

  • Lipstick and lip gloss is direct contact with the mouth of cosmetics, and because the daub after eating and drinking, or will eat a little more or less, so the lipstick and lip gloss had better not use too long, not because of its shelf life but because it is easy to trap bacteria, so the lipstick is best after each use, with a clean paper towel to wipe the end, so that we can keep it clean, if found the paste of the lipstick stain, suggests that the metamorphic, lipstick away don't use the best.



Blushes generally have a 2 to 3 year life span, but when you notice that your blushes are starting to change color or that the powder is starting to form into small pieces, indicating that you're getting wet and starting to deteriorate, you can throw them away and stop using them.