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Detailed makeup brush usage-for freshman
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Wool, grey mouse hair, yellow mouse hair are also animal hair why the price is so different?
Feel to draw a super good makeup because there is no good seasickness so the effect is greatly reduced?
This guide will help you with all the problems with make-up brushes. Become an old driver after watching it!

The purpose of this article is to explain the material difference of cosmetic brush

As is known to all, the material of makeup brush basically divides into two kinds: artificial hair and animal hair, let us see what difference there is respectively?



[sythntic hair ]

The advantage is: to sensitive muscle better, without the smell of animal hair, more hard. The biggest advantage of a bristle brush is that it is not afraid of water and grease and is more resistant to washing, so most foundation brushes, eyeliner brushes and lip brushes are made of synthetic fiber.
The disadvantage of general seasickness, relatively hard, there will be a face-piercing situation.

[goat hair ]

The advantage: the most common materials are: good odor, powder, color, and more or less odor. Wool is the main source of brush tools for animals.
The disadvantage is: the low grade wool brush does not have the peak, the wool quality is also relatively rough, the tactility is to tie.

[horse hair ]

The advantage is: wash small horsehair slightly hard, but grasp powder strong, relatively tough, color is good.
The disadvantage is: the cheap horsehair brush will be a little pricked, and will often be mixed with other materials of brush hair, reducing the cost.

 [Squirrel hair ]

The advantage is: the hair root fine dizzy is dyed good, very soft, the upper face is like spring breeze to sweep a face, on makeup hind natural burnish feeling.
The disadvantage is: because too soft, so the color is softer, the brush type is fluffy, suit to make the brush tool of heavy color powdery product (such as shadow brush), the price is relatively expensive.

 [mink hair]

The advantage is: flexibility is good, and fiber wool is very suitable for grasping paste body! We are far ahead in color selection. A lot of eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush is this material ~
The disadvantage is: the seasickness is general, more suitable for making lip brush, eyeliner brush, price slants expensive.