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15 pcs rose gold professional makeup cosmetic brush
- Mar 27, 2018 -
A. Weight-moderate base makeup is more frivolous; The Brush head of foundation brush is generally made of synthetic fiber, so the brush wool texture is more hard, the brush head is flat and smooth, the hand should moderate weight, too hard will let brush hair fork, even will rub facial skin. The principle of strength is probably in the brush 0 force on the skin and completely in the end, both stretching and shrinking have a certain scope, so as to apply a thin and uniform bottom makeup. b.x Brush method to make the foundation more uniform law; Generally pour out about a coin of the size of the foundation in the palm or the jaws of the position, with the foundation brush dip in the right amount, with the X-dozen fork method in the cheek, forehead, chin and nose parts repeatedly light brush.